Wednesday, 23 February 2011

The Gallery: Expressions

My poor baby must be feeling severely unloved due to the lack of photographs of him so far in comparison to his big brother by the time he was the baby's age! I suppose that happens with many second children. Particularly if the eldest is still young enough that he would destroy the camera if it were left somewhere easily accessible to the parents.

With that in mind, and having noticed on Twitter that it is Gallery day (why can I never remember - oh, maybe that'll be the lack of sleep), I thought I should get my camera out today. So I packed Felix off to his bedroom for some "quiet time", which usually doesn't involve very much quiet time and certainly doesn't involve any sleep, whilst Elliot did his best modelling work.

It may seem a boringly obvious response to this week's theme of Expressions, but forgive me. I have a new baby (alright, nearly 3 months. He still feels new to me) and I haven't yet captured a good smile even though he started smiling at the tender age of 5 weeks.

Indulge me. Here is my baby boy, Elliot, giving me his best cheesy grin. And I didn't have to sing to obtain it either!

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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Aliens and Robots

Felix, age 2, is finally beginning to talk more and we are enjoying fuller conversations with him as a result. It is highly entertaining.

For example, on the way back from nursery this week, his daddy asked him if he'd had a good day and what he'd been up to. Feeling quite tired, he went for the answering questions option, rather than offering anything more to the conversation himself.

Daddy: Did you eat your lunch?
Felix: yeah
Daddy: Did you play with Daniel?
Felix: yeah
Daddy: Did you go outside?
Felix: yeah
Daddy: Did you play on the slide?
Felix: yeah
Daddy: Did you stroke a giraffe?
Felix: yeah
Daddy: Did you go on a train ride to the seaside?
Felix: yeah
Daddy: Did aliens come down in a spaceship and turn the sky black and swap your teacher with a robot?
Felix: errrr, no.

So, he was listening.