Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Tell-Tale Signs

When I was trying for my first child, I got a bit obsessed... after all, I had finally started trying to fulfil my life's ambition of becoming a mother. Well, each month I 'felt different' and thought I had this symptom and that symptom and might be pregnant. And each month I felt utterly disappointed as I took the test and it was negative.

Don't feel sorry for me, it only took 5 months, I know I have nothing to complain about there.

But I did spend a lot of time researching pregnancy symptoms on the internet. Some seemed a little misleading as they were the same symptoms I experience every month when a period is pending, but some were really helpful and I did kind of know when I was being a little to wishful.

Last week, however, before I did the test (and as much of a shock as it was to actually SEE the fact there in front of me), I did know I was pregnant. I just knew. I guess I recognised feelings from the first time. So here's my top list of symptoms, which may hopefully help others in the future.

1. My breasts were noticeably larger. Now I know many people get this every month, but I haven't tended to recently (maybe a bi-product of having breast-fed number 1 child? Still worth it though).

2. And my nipples were really rather sensitive (have I gone to far? Was using the N word 'crossing the line'? If I blog you through my birth, expect MUCH MUCH worse). The spray from the shower was where I particularly noticed it and I had to angle myself just right to avoid it. Ouch.

3. My period was late. Well d'uh. Obviously. I normally have a pretty regular 4-weekly cycle, but the month before, it had been 6 weeks. So I waited 6 weeks and one day before doing the test. But like I said, in my gut, I already knew.

4. I kept weeing. Now, I drink a lot of water on an average day and therefore go to the loo a lot. But this was excessive even for me. I just constantly needed a wee.

5. And I was oh so tired. I did have a couple of late nights which I talked myself into believing might be the cause. But it would just hit me in the middle of the day. I didn't have the energy to get on and do things (also not particularly unusual for me) but knew I felt way more tired than usual.

6. Don't forget, morning sickness doesn't only happen in the morning. The day I did my test, I spent the afternoon on the computer working. And I felt slightly sick ALL afternoon. I didn't really get morning sickness first time round and hope that what I've had so far is going to be it. No more. But there was definitely no good explanation for feeling a bit delicate in the stomach, other than impending motherhood.

7. There were two mornings where I woke up with a nasty pain in one of my hips. I sleep on my side normally and I definitely recognised this pain from pregnancy number 1. If I hadn't experience it before, I think it would have passed me by. But it's the only time I've ever had a problem sleeping on my side (and of course in the later stages, you shouldn't sleep on your back as it can cut off baby's blood supply, so you have to put up with it) and it was undoubtedly the same pain. I guess the relaxin hormone has got to work already then!

I don't remember where I did my research first time round, but last week I had a little peek at the Top 10 Signs of Pregnancy article on www.babycentre.co.uk - an invaluable tool for all expectant parents and parents of young children. I trust this website like no other.

I'm off now to contemplate a little longer how I'm going to tell my mum I'm pregnant. I tried to tell her on the phone last night, but the words just didn't come out!

Friday, 16 April 2010

Too soon?

There were good reasons why I wanted Felix to be 3 by the time I had a second child. I hoped that he would be well and truly potty trained, comfortably settled into a big boy's bed, able to walk everywhere, freeing up the pushchair and be attending the local preschool group meaning I had a few hours each day to either focus on the baby, or just catch up on my sleep!

I'm also just a little nervous that I'm not ready to share my attention. I know that when it comes along, I will love the new baby just as much, but I enjoy lavishing everything I have onto one child.

Another thing, I just set myself up as self-employed and am in the midst of a separate brand new business venture right now too. Is this all terrible timing, or am I just making a fuss out of nothing? After all, I'm a big girl, I knew the risk I was taking. I should probably just shut up and be grateful. There are many people out there who struggle to conceive and I myself thought that it would be a lot more difficult this time.

I am, however, mortified that it will likely be a December baby and I'll be up all through the night in the middle of the winter. Now THAT was definitely bad planning!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Number 2

I did a pregnancy test this evening.

The thinking was, that I'd quite like to have child number 2 when child number 1 is turning 3 (a nice bit of number confusion for you there!). And then I thought to myself "you can't really choose, maybe I should start early and then hopefully in 6 months time, bingo!".

Well it didn't quite work out like that. I wouldn't even class myself as 'trying', merely not 'not trying' anymore.

Yesterday was 6 weeks since my last period and although I already felt pretty certain I was pregnant, my god, seeing that blue line on the test makes SUCH a difference. It's real now. I'm not sure I'm ready yet... I have said, out loud, a few times this evening, "oh my god, what have I done?". You see, I only have one ovary now so I honestly thought it would take twice as long to get pregnant. I never really considered that it might happen straight away. I suppose I am incredibly lucky but it hasn't suck in enough yet for me to appreciate this. Wow.

I think it's going to take a little while to get used to the idea. And in the meantime, hubby's going to kill me for blogging about it. Hoping none of my friends or family have discovered my blog yet. If you have, please be discreet. Thanks. Eeeeek! Another baby!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Battle of the Toothbrush

We are having a minor war in our house at the moment. Felix and I are battling over cleaning his teeth and his father and I are disagreeing about how to handle it.

Now, teeth cleaning is not THE most important thing in the world, and I know I have to 'choose' my battles as the toddler is a wilful being and has to have his own way a good 80% of the time, but I do think it's an important issue. Especially having seen the recent tv coverage of kids at Alderhey Hospital who have lost their baby teeth to decay - yuk! I tend to do teeth brushing in the morning and daddy tends to do it at bathtime in the evening. My method has evolved to match the resistance of the toddler. I now put him in an (almost) headlock and keep him there until I'm satisfied that each tooth has, at the very least, been tickled by the bristles. If he screams, well, at least that opens his mouth nice and widely allowing the brush to get in and clean the insides.

Daddy, however, keeps telling me he thinks it's just going to make him hate teeth brushing more. I agree this is a possibility, but at the moment I think it's doing the trick. It means a) his teeth actually get cleaned properly once a day and b) I hope (please) that it's teaching him that mummy IS the boss and his teeth ARE going to get cleaned. No quantity of head shaking, mouth clenching and turning away is going to prevent it.

Does anyone have any handy tips or suggestions? Or know from experience that my 'show him who's boss' attitude will make things worse?

Friday, 9 April 2010

My First Mummy Blog

Well, I considered whether or not to start a mummy blog for quite some time. Then, after I'd got it into my head that it would be something I did 'for me' and not to 'gain' anything, I decided it just HAD to be done.

When I was young, both a teenager and before, I kept a diary. I wrote in it every day. It was mostly full of nonsense and boring stuff - alright, it was mostly full of boys I fancied - but it not only gave me pleasure to write it, it helped me to make sense of my world.

Now, anyone who has children must know that they sort of turn your world upside down. And even when you think you've got the hang of things and can cope, they spin off in a new and chaotic direction and leave you feeling, a little muddled, shall we say? So, after all the aforementioned consideration, I decided that I would start my own MummyBlog to help me 'get it out of my system' but also as a lovely record of the best years of my life (or so I'm told).

Here's to sharing with you, the reader, the ups and downs, the giggles and the painful falls. But mostly, to reminding myself of how great my life is and how lucky I am to have a beautiful little boy (and any other little ones that may come along in the future!).