Monday, 20 September 2010

Multi-tasking Mums

Ok, so it's a well known fact that mum's are amazing at multi-tasking, right?

This morning, I lazed in bed until gone 9am as I have a pretty bad cold and my husband kindly gave me the opportunity by dealing with the two year old until he had to go to work. I was expecting a casual day today so eventually had some breakfast and a quick shower.

At 10am, I got a call from our choir secretary. I sing with The Chanterelles, a national ladies choir who originated from a youth choir in Leicestershire - which of course, I was in. Would I be free to be interviewed LIVE on BBC Radio Leicester this morning... erm, well, I'm free, but I have no voice and a toddler to entertain. For some reason, I still said yes.

So I called the radio to say yes I'll do it and gave them my number. Then I got the macbook fired up and did some intense last minute research so that I wouldn't be caught out for not knowing my subject!

At 10.35, I decided to do a quick stinky nappy change - risky, but I thought necessary as I didn't know how long I'd be gone for once I was 'on air'. I changed him in front of the TV and pressed play on the DVD just as I pulled his trousers back up. Taking the stinky nappy to the kitchen thinking I'd just chuck it out of the back door and then prepare myself, my phone rang.


The lady on the other end said, "Hi, thanks for doing this, I'll just put you through to Tony."

I was expecting at least a short off-air chat in which I could get myself somewhere with good phone signal, grab a drink (for emergency coughing situations), a tissue (for emergency sniffing situations), my computer (for emergency notes, if asked) and my notebook with the info I wanted to cover.

No. I was put straight through to the studio. So I grabbed the aforementioned articles and legged it upstairs. Arriving in my bedroom I realised I had lost my breath from the fast movements and hoped to god he wasn't going to come to me straight away.

After a few minutes listening, I was introduced and had a short chat with the presenter and two members of the band Blake, with whom we are performing on Friday 1st October. They even got me to sing - I was cringing at the lack of tone in my poorly voice.

Interview over, I calmly returned downstairs and was thankful to find the toddler happily sitting watching his DVD. Honestly, there is no better babysitter than the TV on some occasions.

Here's a link to the interview, Start listening from 1:35 for the interview.


  1. Have now added the link for you dear. x

  2. Oo wil have a listen! Us mummy's are rather good at multi-tasking! :) I hope your feeling better now? I'm full of cold and it just sucks! Have to admit to using the tv as a babysitter this week just so I can curl up on the sofa and suffer in silence! :) x