Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Love at First Sight

Yesterday, my pregnancy finally became real. Properly real. It's not just cakes, there is a baby in there making me look so rounded.

My toddler obviously knew we had an important appointment as he woke up precisely on time to be popped into the car and taken off to hospital for my first scan. I had a last minute toilet visit before we left knowing full well that a) they would be running late and b) my bladder would fill up again in no time. And then we sat in the waiting room, reading stories and debating if I should risk another loo visit as I was bursting. Husband persuaded me not to go and finally, only half an hour late, I was called in.

My bladder was too full, the baby was being squashed, so I was sent to empty it. Phew! Then the sonographer happily scanned away knowing he could apply pressure without causing an accident. There on the screen, was a picture of my new little baby... it always amazes me that this is the first time that anyone in the medial profession actually checks you are pregnant. You could get a very long way before you were either caught out for being a bit of a weirdo liar, or discovered that you just can't read a pregnancy test right!

Despite the title of this post, I haven't expressed any particular feeling for that little alien-like black and white figure on the screen, have I? I think I'm still a bit freaked out by the whole situation really. And possibly WAY more scared this time. I guess with pregnancy number 1 I was blissfully ignorant. Like most new mums, I worried about the pain of giving birth mostly and didn't appreciate that birth is 'kinda easy' in comparison to what comes next. Years of testing your patience.

But there it is. A little baby inside me. Now I know because I have seen it. Due December 8th 2010.

Ooh and I also asked the sonographer to have a good look at my ovary, for I have only one, and it apparently looked all lovely and healthy. So there's still chance for another one in the future. If I'm completely crazy and haven't collapsed from total exhaustion before then.

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  1. What a lovely clear scan picture. So very exciting for you all. I do understand the excitement level drops with number 2 but it'll hit you full force upon arrival of the new one, have no fear!

    MD xx