Thursday, 13 May 2010

Birthday Celebrations

Last year, we took Felix to the zoo for his first birthday. We had a little family birthday party at the weekend, but on the DAY of his birthday, he, daddy and I went to the zoo all day and ate ice creams.

We'd like to do the same thing for his second birthday (especially if the weather is as amazing as it was last year) but this year his birthday falls on a Tuesday (as does mine the week before) and Tuesdays are his nursery day.

I have already managed to change one of my baby signing classes so that it doesn't take place on Felix's birthday and plan to bring my other Tuesday class forwards by half an hour so that we can be setting off for the Zoo at around 10am. Daddy has also booked the day off work in preparation.

Well, I contacted nursery to ask if we could swap his day for one week only. They told me they couldn't do the day that I wanted and didn't usually allow day swaps at all, but could maybe do a one off for me. I don't like being cheeky in these situations though. My natural instinct is to tell them, no it's ok, I don't want to take advantage.

But they did offer... What do I do? Does it really matter if we celebrate ON his birthday or should we just go to the Zoo the day before? He'll never know will he? It's just for our own memories that it would be nice. Would be really interested to hear what people think and what they would do themselves. Thanks.

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