Friday, 16 July 2010

What am I?

I'm finding myself very torn at the moment and it's probably down to being so busy.

I can't remember the last time I did a sensible grocery shop. At most, I've managed to plan one home-made meal for a week and bought the ingredients I need for that... the rest has been pot luck. It's not very me. And I'm definitely missing the home-cooked food. The husband hasn't dared to complain, but I'm sure he's missing it too.

There are other housewifely/mummy things I want to be doing and I just don't seem to have time. I'm not even THAT busy with work. But I know I'm not putting the time and effort needed into my sales business and I still have a PR work assignment hanging over me that I was given mid-June. I don't feel I can make any plans (social or domestic) whilst I have this work still to do. I never get round to doing anything in the evenings either as I just want to go to bed early.

I can't help but think I will have to give something up if I really want to maintain the balance between being a full-time mum and doing a bit of work on the side. As it was only ever meant to be a bit of work. Not a full-on part-time job. But what I would give up, I just don't know.

Maybe when there's a new baby here, that might dictate what work is easier to do and therefore what I should be sensible about and give up. But can I manage another 5 months of pregnancy at this level of being busy? I'm already struggling to fit the sleep in...

My time management sucks, so maybe I just need to pull myself together and start planning my day in military detail. And actually get up in the morning!

Moan over. Back to daydreaming about the housewifely life I'd like to lead.

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