Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Cute as a Button

I'm finally getting involved in The Gallery again (hopefully I'll become a regular now). It's run by Tara Cain at Sticky Fingers where each week Tara provides a prompt and we all find a suitable photograph to represent that prompt. This week is Body Parts. And there's some very brave photos out there so go have a look at them all.

For me, the prompt screamed BABY FEET. I have a newborn, it's a classic newborn shot, I'm a photographer. Why not? But I didn't get round to doing it before The Gallery day and on looking at a few of the other posts this morning, someone else had already done it. And although that shouldn't have stopped me, it did. Perhaps because their photo was so beautiful!!

So I thought about Elliot's body and about some of my other favourite bits or something a bit special. And I remembered how when his tummy button first healed, it looked like a letter E. As if fate had made us chose the right name for him. It's slightly less E like now as the middle line has disappeared, but there's something amazing about a baby's tummy button anyway - it was, after all, his life line for 9 months. And how quickly it heals leaving only the smallest trace that we were once attached. Look how well healed it is after only 5 weeks.


  1. It really is such a special part of a child knowing that it was connected to you right from the beginning.

    Beautiful post!

  2. That is so so lovely. What is it about baby's belly buttons that makes mums want to kiss them so?!

  3. Was it sticking out for the first few months? Our boy had that: we thought it looked like there was something really wrong & kept worrying about it. Apparently though it's completely normal, & it's now gone.

  4. Thanks for your comments... Mr Whiskey, he's only 6 weeks old now and it still looks pretty much like in the pic. So a little bit sort of sticky outy. But I guess as he grows fatter, it'll pull itself in!