Thursday, 21 July 2011

Shit Ya Pants?

I am not cut out for this shit. Literally shit. Pant loads of the stuff.

I knew the success of potty training week was too good to be true too. We had about 10 days of excellent work. Then, at his nana's house this weekend, Felix managed to do not one poo in his pants, but four. Yes. FOUR poos in the space of five hours. Not one of them on a toilet or potty.

I thought maybe this would be a one off. Different location, lack of attention from mummy (I was cooking, not in any way relaxing or taking time off - I wish), maybe it was because there was so much going on. But it was not a one-off.

Yesterday, whilst my outspoken grandmother was visiting (more on that another time)...

Hold on, I have to pause writing, as he's now sitting on his potty doing a poo. WAHOO, YEAH!

On the plus side, he DID finally produce something rather spectacular on the potty at the end of the day.

Today... the exact same process. With a wet pair of pants, trousers and socks to add to the four dirty pairs of pants. "No, I not do my poopoo", "well why are you squeezing then honey?". Four more pairs of dirty pants. I've totally lost my cool about having a carefree attitude to potty accidents. I've started to demand he sit on the potty and although I haven't actually told him off, I've made subtle digs and other awful sneaky ways of making him feel like a failure. At least he finally produced.

So, who has some good tips for persuading children to sit on the potty every single time they need to TRY for a poo, even if it's not ready to come out yet? Because I reckon another day of this is going to send me over the edge.


  1. Blackmail, blackmail blackmail... A big bag of giant Cadbury's buttons in the fridge, one after successful number ones, and two for number twos! It worked like a dream in our house... Good luck, it's hellish isn't it, but it won't last long, promise! Emma :)

  2. Oh my god, that's a lot of pants. I still have about 2 years before potty training right? Good luck, I have no tips unfortunately, I am more looking to you guys for tips. Your grandmother sounds intriguing!

  3. Oh my god, I thought I had heard the worst about potty trtaining when I read someones blog post about their little boy catching his poo and smearing it everywhere. Now I am not so sure! Poor you. I am dreading potty training! Hope things improve soon X