Wednesday, 17 August 2011

All about me, me me

The lovely Tas from Not My Year Off has tagged me in a meme. And not for the first time. I thought I should actually make an effort to blog this time.

Ten things you didn't know about me. Well, I thought about letting you into some deep dark secrets. And then I remembered my husband reads my blog!

Then I thought about what readers of my blog actually do know about me. There's the births, the breastfeeding, the lack of sleep. It's quite limited really, isn't it. So here's a quick summary of some of the obvious things about me that all my friends would tell you, but you probably don't know. Kind of controversial given that my friends don't know about my blog!

1. I used to eat tomato ketchup with EVERYthing. Salad included. I have grown out of it now. At last.

2. My parents are divorced (who's aren't?). They separated when I was 18.

3. I studied Music, French and German at A-Level.

4. I went ice skating once when I was 16. It was ok. I went ice skating for the second time when I was 23. I broke my wrist.

5. I played 'Marty' in the school production of Grease. "You know, like, as in Maraschino".

6. As a child, my favourite thing to cook was Cheese Scones.

7. I went to Manchester University. After careful consideration, I left after my first year. Just wasn't the right time/place for me.

8. I was once on BBC TV on Christmas Day. I believe it may have been the year 1998, on a programme called Choir of the Year. They did a big old close up of me! Or two.

9. I'm a bit bossy. A bit of a 'leader'.

10. I have a tattoo. That's all you need to know.

So there we have it. Hope you found that insightful. Or mildly entertaining, at least. I think all the bloggers I talk to have already been tagged... so I shall just invite you to join in and leave a link in the comments if you like.


  1. Ooh tattoo huh? Intrigued... :) I went to Man uni too (well, Umist as it was known back then!)

  2. Cheese scones? Yum. My grandma taught me to make scones unsuccessfully once, she told me to put a tablespoon of salt in, not a teaspoon. Unpalatable.

  3. Tas, my next door roomie was at Umist too.

    andMe, ha ha ha. Yuk.