Friday, 16 April 2010

Too soon?

There were good reasons why I wanted Felix to be 3 by the time I had a second child. I hoped that he would be well and truly potty trained, comfortably settled into a big boy's bed, able to walk everywhere, freeing up the pushchair and be attending the local preschool group meaning I had a few hours each day to either focus on the baby, or just catch up on my sleep!

I'm also just a little nervous that I'm not ready to share my attention. I know that when it comes along, I will love the new baby just as much, but I enjoy lavishing everything I have onto one child.

Another thing, I just set myself up as self-employed and am in the midst of a separate brand new business venture right now too. Is this all terrible timing, or am I just making a fuss out of nothing? After all, I'm a big girl, I knew the risk I was taking. I should probably just shut up and be grateful. There are many people out there who struggle to conceive and I myself thought that it would be a lot more difficult this time.

I am, however, mortified that it will likely be a December baby and I'll be up all through the night in the middle of the winter. Now THAT was definitely bad planning!

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