Monday, 25 October 2010

Could it be tomorrow?

This time last pregnancy I was struggling my way through what seemed like a very long day.

Having left work the day before, I spent the morning of my first day's maternity leave putting together a stand for our moses basket which we hadn't yet bought(!) and in the afternoon, we did a bit of shopping for nursery furnishings. Well, we did a very small amount of shopping as I was way too tired and had to give up and come home.

Then, the next day, I gave birth. At 33weeks+6days gestation, over 6 weeks early.

So will I be repeating this premature birthing option tomorrow? I doubt it. Despite the extreme tiredness I am feeling today, there is no reason for me to give birth prematurely this time and I am nowhere near the size yet that I was last time. And, thankfully, neither are my ankles!! My tiredness today can be put down to a toddler who didn't sleep well last night and a big old shopping trip on Saturday. Well, we need to be prepared for Christmas early if anyone's to get any gifts this year!

So from 4pm tomorrow, I hope to be venturing into the unknown phase of late pregnancy. Given how huge and heavy I already feel most days, I'm not expecting to take much enjoyment from this, but it will be a new experience for me!


  1. I knew a lady who was expecting her second and had given birth to her first at 36 weeks. The second one arrived 3 days overdue. By that time, she was climbing the walls because she had, in her mind, set her "due" date as 36 weeks so by the time no 2 arrived, she felt like she was 4 weeks and 3 days overdue instead of just 3.

    Hope everything goes OK with you.

  2. Blimey - 6 weeks early is a bit scary! I went 2 weeks over with my second and it drove me INSANE. It's so hard not to "set a date" in your mind, but I don't think we can help it.

    Hoping you snag a tiny bit of rest before the big day :D