Saturday, 16 October 2010

Time to get ready...

At 32 weeks pregnant, I've suddenly realised how unprepared I am for the arrival of a new baby.

I mean, if it happened now, I think I'd have to go to hospital alone and leave my husband behind, ravaging the loft for baby clothes and bedding.

Now don't get me wrong, I wasn't exactly ready first time round. When Felix turned up unexpectedly at 34 weeks, we had no bed for him, no car seat and the nursery was most definitely not ready. We got family sent off to buy the relevant items for us asap so we were ready when he finally left hospital 11 days later and the nursery possibly got decorated when he was about 6 months old. Could have been later.

I feel a little bit panicked at what I still have to do this time. And I probably shouldn't, but this is what I think needs sorting out:

- Last year's tax return. Cause I am NOT going to be able to concentrate on it with a new baby.
- Baby clothes need bringing out of the loft and washing.
- The nursery at least needs to be emptied of our rubbish and have a chest of drawers full of freshly laundered clothes, muslin cloths and nappies.
- Might be nice to paint the nursery too, but not essential pre-birth.
- Pushchair. I haven't yet decided if I will buy a double buggy, get a buggy board for the rubbish pushchair we have (which I'm sure isn't suitable from birth), make the toddler walk everywhere, use a baby sling, or just not go out full stop (this seems very likely).
- My hospital bag. I have old (i.e. disposable without being disposables) pants and maternity pads in a plastic bag. Erm, that's about it. I know I had an 'emergency' bag packed before this point last time, as I had to use the damn thing when my waters broke early.
- It might be an idea to speak to a few people about childcare. Make a note of what dates they're available so I'm not left ringing round various different people for an hour whilst trying to cope with early labour.
- Buy a new baby monitor... toddler broke ours and I don't think I'll be so happy to have the new baby downstairs with me all day with a toddler around to poke the baby awake.

There are other little jobs which I'd like to get done... but I'm realistic about my chances of getting enough peace and quiet from the toddler to actually do them. I guess it's about time I focussed on these bigger jobs and got them done. Or, at the very least, order the husband to get them done.

Anything you think I've forgotten?

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