Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A Spanner in the Naming Work

We had a back up name for Felix... just in case he didn't look like a Felix when he was born (do babies look like any name?). So you'd think it would have been easy to choose a name for our second born having found out at the 20-week scan that it's another boy.

Well, it would have been easy, we still love the second name we chose, Elliot. Only, Felix has a friend called Elliot. Well, ok, I have a mummy friend who's little boy, Elliot is exactly a week younger than Felix and was also premature. We met through Sing and Sign classes and still see each other at least every fortnight with a couple of other mummy friends.

The thing is, we didn't feel the same way about any of the other names we came up with. There was one, but it just doesn't work with our surname. So we resolved to call the baby Elliot. I fully intended to mention this to Elliot's mummy before I give birth, but we haven't seen her for a couple of weeks now and at the weekend, I found out why.

She had been having contractions on and off all week... yes she's pregnant too and this time her due date is about 2 weeks ahead of mine. Yesterday, I got a text from her. She has given birth to a little girl, about the same prematurity as Elliot was. No name had yet been decided.

Today, I am told by a mutual friend that they have called their little baby girl Imogen.




So I have resolved that I can no longer be friends with her as I'll be 'copying' all her children's names. And that is the end of that. GAH!


  1. LOL, so that's what it's about. If it helps, 5yo has lots of children with the same name as him and he's not even got a name in the top 10! One friend even chose the same name for their boy 3 months after he was born, when close family chose the name they had with a child born a week before.

    For the first time since starting nursery, he is now the only child with his name in the class as the other boy has gone to another school.

    It's a PITA but they may well end up at different schools etc so it's up to you, use the same name if the situation arises. If you want. If not, just defriend them. ;-)

  2. Oh no, that's so annoying. I was so worried someone would "steal" our name when I was pregnant. It shouldn't really matter if two children have the same name but well.... IT DOES!

  3. I have a couple of spare boys names going (as I only had girls and I am DEFINITELY having no more). Luke (husbands fathers name)and Jacob (because I never really wanted to call my son Luke). My two girls are Heather and Lola, there's not that many Heather's or Lola's so you are welcome to join our gang when you have a girl. XX

  4. I feel for you. We had a great girl's name stolen from us by friends of ours. We had Holly all set up and ba-da-bing if they didn't jump in first. As it turned out, we never had need for a girl's name.

    Good luck and good health to you and your boys.

  5. LOL-I am sure she won't mind.

  6. Oh no, did she know you liked Imogen? I had loads of friends due the same time as me and it was a relief every time a name was announced that wasn't the name we'd picked (we could only agree on one girls name). I found you via the BMB carnival by the way :)

  7. Hiya, here via BMB carnival. When I had my daughter we loved the name Chloe and at the time we chose it there didn't seem to be many Chloe's around. Once she was born and we'd officially named here there were suddenly Chloe's everywhere and it then became the most popular girls name for about the next 5 years running.
    You might just have boys and so not need a girl's name.... or will you carry on till you have a girl? My neighbour's son and his wife did that and it took 5 attempts before a girl showed up.Yikes!
    Tilly :o)x