Monday, 10 May 2010

Sharing the News

Finally, most people have been told about the little baby in my tummy. I've had a few stunned faces (my preferred reaction) and many immediate 'congratulations'. A few remarked that they didn't know we were trying - well we weren't, so you wouldn't have known - and one complete non-reaction. Poor bugger doesn't do emotion.

There were a couple of people I struggled to tell, one good friend and one friend of a friend who I knew was going to find out at the party on Saturday. Both have been trying, unsuccessfully for over a year. The latter made me feel a little uncomfortable too as she wanted to know lots of details. I just wanted to tell her (before she heard from someone else) and run away.

Really loved telling one of my mummy friends as she revealed at a 2nd birthday party that she is expecting. I managed to snatch a quiet moment with her to whisper the words "me too". Her number 1 is only a week younger than my number 1 child and they were both premature. So with approx 3 weeks between us on this pregnancy, the race is on to see who actually gets to the birth first!

I still have a few friends to tell and work-related announcements are going to be delayed until post 12-weeks/post first scan. It feels very odd to be congratulated when it still doesn't feel real. Roll on that little picture from the sonographer.

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