Wednesday, 5 May 2010

What's in your bag?

I have been tagged for my first meme, to tell you the contents of my handbag... thank you Serenity Now. And apologies that I can't work out how to copy the sunshine award badge over!

For me, the handbag situation is still a story of two different lives. On a normal day, I use my lovely Yummy Mummy nappy bag. The items within this that actually relate to me, instead of the child, include: one lip balm, one purse, a pack of tissues (for both of us), a spare hair bobble and clip (only there for mummy-related emergencies though) and some emergency sanitary items - which could now be discarded for a time.

On the rare occasion that I get to use my own handbag, well, it's a very small handbag these days with very few contents. Having a child and not having the space in the nappy bag to carry around anything I like has made me realise how little I can cope with. Sometimes, if husband and I have an evening out, I don't take a handbag. And then I spend the whole evening freaking out that I have nothing to do with my hands!!!

So, my absolute essentials for handbag inclusion are fairly dull. Tissues, you know if you go out without them, you'll end up with something green and sticky on your top lip for everyone to point and stare at. Lip balm, I'm a firm believer of not fixing a problem that isn't there. Unfortunately, I hadn't adopted this philosophy when I was younger and started covering my lips in vaseline every day. Now, I have to use something stronger morning and evening to keep my lips moisturised (and sublimely kissable) and a stick style plain lip balm is my choice item for daytime top-ups. I have two on the go so that I don't have to remove from the nappy bag and add to the handbag on each outing sans enfant.

Keys, an obvious statement but vital handbag addition. They just roll around in there, loose, which is why my iPhone stays firmly in my pocket wherever possible. We don't want nasty scratches ruining its beautiful contours. If it's going to be a long outing, there might be a bottle of water. A business outing, maybe a pen and for evening sociables, a lip gloss.

I just checked as I wanted to give an accurate picture and at present, there is also some chewing gum in my handbag. Not a regular visitor. My parents wouldn't let me have gum as a child and despite this causing a little rebellion of me eating as much as possible for a few years as a teenager, it does mean that I'm not really very interested in it these days. It's not nice seeing someone chewing away, is it? This pack was an odd impulse buy and will probably be kicking around for another couple of months yet as I'll forget to eat it.

With regards tagging others with this meme, as I feel a little silly for being so late doing it myself, I'm simply going to tag my 7 google followers. And eventually I'll work out how this all works a tad better and I'll be a bit more creative, or demanding with my tagging! And I'll attempt to add a photo too!!

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